On the Trail - Jordan Hot Springs, Falls of the Kern, CA

August, 1978

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Kennedy Meadows

The trip begins by driving north on US 395 from Los Angeles, and turning west on the road to Kennedy Meadows north of Pearsonville.

Kennedy Meadows

Driving past Kennedy Meadows, the road passes Little Troy Meadow. Turning north near the Blackrock Ranger Station, the road ends at Blackrock Gap where there is parking.

Casa Vieja Meadows

Hiking north about 1.5 miles brings one to Casa Vieja Meadows.

Casa Vieja Meadows

Casa Vieja Meadows

The valley is rich with wild flowers and their attendant butterflies.

The Hydaspe Fritillary (Speyeria h. hydaspe), Casa Vieja Meadows, Aug. 12, 1978

The Sierra Nevada Crescent (Phyciodes orseis herlani), Casa Vieja Meadows, Aug. 12, 1978

Boisduval's Blue (Plebejus i. icarioides), Casa Vieja Meadows, Aug. 12, 1978

Beer Keg Meadows

Following the trail to the northeast, we arrive at Beer Keg Meadow where a herd of cattle expressed its annoyance at my presence by bellowing loudly. I camped near here the first night.

Unnamed Meadow

Following the trail to the northwest, we pass an unnamed meadow off to the west.

Redrock Meadows

The trail soons takes us to Redrock Meadows with Indian Head (elev. 8965 ft.) in the distance.

Old Cabin at Redrock Meadows

Looking to the Southwest

The trail now swings to the southwest, giving us a view toward the Kern River Canyon.

A Grouse

Mariposa Lily

Approaching Jordan Hot Springs

Later in the day I arrived at Jordan Hot Springs.

The Baths at Jordan Hot Springs

A hot soak in a private tub was very welcome.

A Nearby Campsite

I spent the next night at this nearby campsite.

Nine-mile Creek

The trail continues west, following Nine-mile Creek.

The Crossing of Nine-mile Creek

Here the trail makes a dangerous but convenient crossing of Nine-mile Creek on a downed tree trunk.

Waterfall on Nine-mile Creek

Close to its convergence with the Kern River, we encounter Nine-mile Creek Falls.

Waterfall on Nine-mile Creek

The Kern River

After climbing over a rocky promontory, we arrive at the Kern River. We are now very close to the Falls of the Kern.

Falls of the Kern

Falls of the Kern

The falls are a dramatic sight. The air is alive with the roar and the ground vibrates.

Falls of the Kern

Interesting Formation - West Side of the Kern River

Slippery Spot Above the Falls - Danger!

I tried without luck to catch some trout here. While casting, I looked down and saw that I had inadvertantly placed one foot on the wet rock. A slip into the river here would take one over the falls.

Campsite Along the Kern

Further up the river is a campsite. While eating my trout dinner I had to compete with several hungry yellowjackets.

Soda Spring (on the way back)

On the way out, up Nine-mile Creek, we again pass Soda Flat. I camped near Jordan Hot Springs again, and the next day took a shortcut to Casa Vieja Meadows, and the trail to my parked car.

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