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Coma Cluster - 2nd brightest ADS2257 power spectrum Kitt Peak sunrise Saturnia polyphemus Speyeria h. hydaspe Asclepias speciosa
3D Fun Information on 3D Hardcopy and Printing, lenticular screens, 3D pictures and animations, Macintosh programs for 3D printing and 3D photography: Computrack, Interlace, and MacMovie.
Binary Star Combined Solution Package A program which solves for the orbital elements and other parameters of a multiple star system. Astrometric, speckle, and radial velocity data can be combined in a simultaneous solution. The primary and secondary can have up to six spectroscopic subcomponents. The program can also solve for the orbits of planets around stars from spectroscopic data. Inludes executables, source code, and examples. Works on OpenVMS, Linux, and Mac OS X.
Enhanced SAOimage An enhanced version of the X Window pseudocolor display server plus communications software which allows easy calls from user programs. Inludes source code and demos. Works on OpenVMS, Linux, and Mac OS X.
FITS Library Package A library of routines for handling FITS image files, plus a demonstration program illustrating their usage for reading, writing, editing, plotting, and displaying scientific images.
Inkjet Printing Hints Various helpful hints on producing good inkjet prints and maintaining the printer.
Macrophotography of Butterflies and Moths Examples of macrophotography of butterflies and moths (order Lepidoptera)
Macrophotography of Other Insects Examples of macrophotography of other insects (class Insecta)
Macrophotography of Arachnids Examples of macrophotography of ticks, spiders,and allies (class Arachnida)
Organization Hints Various helpful hints on organizing your photos on your computer (for best results, please download this pdf file).
Photography of Birds Examples of nature photography of birds (class Aves)
Photography of Mammals Examples of nature photography of mammals (class Mammalia)
Photography of Plants Examples of nature photography of plants (flowers, bushes, trees, etc.)
Photography of Reptiles and Amphibians Examples of nature photography of reptiles and amphibians (class Reptilia, class Amphibia)
MIIPS An astronomical image processing package for OpenVMS VAX. Some component packages will work under Unix. All source code, as well as documentaion is included.
MIIPS Documentation The online documentation for MIIPS (in progress)
MIIPS Plot Package for VMS and Unix An engineering and scientific plot package for OpenVMS VAX, Linux, and Mac OS X. Includes executables, source code, demos, and examples.
Photography On The Trail Examples of photography while hiking
Web Cam Hints and Software Web cam hints and software
Web Cam Web cam view of our back yard
NABA 4th of July Butterfly Count at Mt. Pisgah Selected example photos


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