Insects (Insecta)

Butterflies and moths are treated separately at Leps

Photography by Donald Gudehus                            


Class Insecta - Insects

Images of Species

Order Thysanura - Bristletails

Order Ephemeroptera - Mayflies

Order Odonata - Damselflies and Dragonflies

Order Orthoptera

Order Mantodea - Mantids

Order Hemiptera - True Bugs

Order - Hymenopteraa - Bees, Wasps, Ants, and Sawflies

Order Coleoptera - Beetles

Order Neuroptera - Net-veined Insects

      Family Chrysopidae - Common Lacewings and Green Lacewings

      Family Myrmeleontidae - Antlions

Order Diptera - True Flies

      Family Chironomidae - Non-biting Midges

        Subfamily Chironominae (Newman, 1834)

      Family Tipulidae - Crane Flies

        Subfamily Tipulinae (Latreille, 1802)
          Tribe Tipulini
          Genus Tipula

      Family Bombyliidae - Bee Flies

        Subfamily Anthracinae Subfamily Bombyliinae

      Family Syrphidae - Hover Flies

      Subfamily Syrphinae
        Tribe Syrphini
        Genus Syrphus

      Family Conopidae - Thick-headed Flies

      Family Muscidae - House Flies and Kin

        Subfamily Muscinae

      Family Scathophagidae - Dung Flies

      Family Calliphoridae - Blow-flies or Carrion Flies

        Subfamily Calliphorinae

      Family Sarcophagidae - Flesh Flies

        Subfamily Miltogramminae

      Family Tachinidae - Tachinid Flies

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Photographs of butterflies and moths are available at lepidoptera.html